That Change Show

#8 - Fluff and Bullshit

February 08, 2022 Lean Change Management Season 1 Episode 8
That Change Show
#8 - Fluff and Bullshit
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You can DO agile, you have to BE agile! Leaders just need to change their mindset! Culture eats strategy for breakfast!

Easy answers. We all love'em, but how useful are they? Here's a story about a coach who told me the brutal truth about a plan I had to help an organization change.

Show topics

01:23 - Jason, that's a bunch of...
04:32 - Let’s do it together!
06:05 - Shifting Culture is HARD
07:00 - A REAL story about culture
09:05 - Just BE agile!
11:33 - Leader need to give up control!
14:48 - Failure and safety
16:10 - Congruence to the rescue!
17:17 - Picking apart the BS!

Jason Little is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of Lean Change Management, Change Agility and Agile Transformation: 4 Steps to Organizational Transformation. That Change Show is a live show where the topics are inspired by Lean Change workshops and lean coffee sessions from around the world. Video versions on Youtube

Jason, sounds like a lotta...
The disclaimer!
Let's do it together!
Shifting culture is HARD
A REAL culture change story
Just BE agile!
Leaders need to give up control
Failure and safety
Congruence to the rescue!
Picking apart the BS