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#9 YOU Have a trust problem! Read this book!!

February 15, 2022 Lean Change Management Season 1 Episode 9
That Change Show
#9 YOU Have a trust problem! Read this book!!
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What do you do when a manager throws The Five Dysfunctions of a Team book on the table in your team meeting and says: "YOU ALL have a problem, read this book!!"

This week's question from a recent lean coffee session with Jorge Ulsen's LCM Foundations class: 

SR: What innovative practice would you recommend for internal team management when mistrust is high?

That question immediately brought back the experience of our team manager telling us we had a trust problem and that we needed to read this book.

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This week's question
What did I just step into?
Don't assume, validate!
Building trust at the team level
Building trust at the leadership level
Enough with clickbait easy answers!
What fluff? Look elsewhere