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#15 - 70% of Change Managers Suck!!

November 27, 2022 Lean Change Management Season 1 Episode 15
That Change Show
#15 - 70% of Change Managers Suck!!
Show Notes

Sigh. Here we go again. I hosted a private lean coffee session a couple of week ago and one of the highest voted questions was:

"how to you ensure successful change when we KNOW 70% of changes fail?"

I wrote about this over a decade ago...and before me, others like Jen Frahm, Heather Stagl, Torben Rick and more have debunked this ridiculous 'stat'.

In this episode I'll break down where it came from, what the 'data' says and most importantly, what the heck could you do with the data if it were true?

Then, hopefully, I'll never talk about this again!

Video version:

References in the article:'s%20the%20brutal%20fact%3A%2070,one%20change%20method%20to%20another.

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