That Change Show

#2 - Spectacular Failures!

November 29, 2021 Lean Change Management Season 1 Episode 2
That Change Show
#2 - Spectacular Failures!
Show Notes

When does Lean Change Management NOT work? I've had this question a number of times over the years. While we're obsessed with wanted the best practice framework that always ensures successful change, I think we all know that's impossible.

Here are a few stories where no matter what I did, nothing worked!

00:00 - About the Show
01:16 - Story #1: Always trust your gut!
09:43 - Story #2: You treat your people like CRAP and you should be ashamed!
13:21 - What's the change agent's responsibility?
13:45 - Failure to Launch, without Mathew or Sarah

Jason Little is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of Lean Change Management, Change Agility and Agile Transformation: 4 Steps to Organizational Transformation. That Change Show is a live show where the topics are inspired by Lean Change workshops and lean coffee sessions from around the world. Video versions on Youtube