That Change Show

#3 - Help! I'm Stuck in the Soup!

December 06, 2021 Season 1 Episode 3
That Change Show
#3 - Help! I'm Stuck in the Soup!
Show Notes

This week's question comes from a lean coffee session from Lean Change Management Facilitator Jorge Ulsen's workshop.

I spent most of 2014 to 2020 traveling the world, and I've had this question many times over the years. Everyone wants to know: "who in the world does change management well? We're SO far behind, we don't innovate and we don't use modern ideas..."

In this episode I'll share why the industry matters more than the country, thoughts on power distant index and a few ideas for how you can pull yourself outta the soup!

Show Notes:
00:00 - Help, I 'm stuck in the soup!
00:57 - Framing this week's question
02:06 - The Finns Rule!
05:11 - Think outside the box! Uh, no.
06:44 - Perspective Matters
07:32 - Company industry matters more
09:15 - Dominant and sub-cultures
12:40 - Get outta the soup!

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Jason Little is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of Lean Change Management, Change Agility and Agile Transformation: 4 Steps to Organizational Transformation. That Change Show is a live show where the topics are inspired by Lean Change workshops and lean coffee sessions from around the world. Video versions on Youtube