That Change Show

#4 - Our Change Framework Sucks!

December 13, 2021 Lean Change Management Season 1 Episode 4
That Change Show
#4 - Our Change Framework Sucks!
Show Notes

Someone recently contacted me asking for a brochure that compares the "Lean Change Framework" to "Method X" as they are trying to decide on what best practice framework to replace their current one with.

This is a common question I get.  People approach me and say "we use method X, it's great, we love it, but we suck at change and need a new one."  In this episode I'll share 4 thoughts for what to do when you think your change framework sucks, and what you can do about it.

Show notes:
02:08 - Tip 1 Reality, or just our perspective?

04:30 - Tip 2 - Use storytelling! 

08:55 - Tip 3 - The George Constanza method!

10:47 - Tip 4 - Is the tool driving our behaviour

12:32 - Wrap-up

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