That Change Show

#7 - The Experimentation Mindset

January 17, 2022 Lean Change Management Season 1 Episode 7
That Change Show
#7 - The Experimentation Mindset
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That Change Show is a 15-minute-ish show designed to help you unstick your change.  We take your questions from lean coffee sessions and workshops and give you some tips for jiggling things loose.

This week's episode was inspired by a recent lean coffee session with a new client. They wanted to figure out how to create an experimentation mindset toward change management when they value structure and process.

Show notes:
00:37 - Setting the context
00:52 - Experimentation doesn't mean do no planning!
02:18 - What is an experiment?
03:46 - The dreaded mindset word
04:19 - Why do you want to experiment?
04:58 - A short story
06:33 - 3 Tips for experimenting in change
06:45 - Tip 1 - Make it easy
08:03 - Tip 2 - Remind people
09:42 - Tip 3 - Inspire people!
11:58 - But that won't work here
12:42 - Summary and wrap-up

Jason Little is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of Lean Change Management, Change Agility and Agile Transformation: 4 Steps to Organizational Transformation. That Change Show is a live show where the topics are inspired by Lean Change workshops and lean coffee sessions from around the world. Video versions on Youtube

This week's question
Experimentation doesn't mean do no planning
What is an experiment?
The dreaded mindset problem
Why experimentation? Why now?
A short story
3 Tips to start experimenting
Tip 1 - Make it easy
Tip 2 - Reminders
Tip 3 - Inspire people!
But that won't work here!
Summary and wrap-up